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Saturday, July 30, 2022-
You might have read the recent article on travel tips by Kristie Koerel in the NYT July 8, 2022 issue. I haven’t followed all of them, but I have one tip of my own for travel these days: Be prepared.

I started booking in April for this trip in August 2022. (OK, that might be a bit early, but what the heck.)

The trip was supposed to consist of three of us going to Italy. But that changed too. Then serendipitously I found something that suited my itchy feet. Going alone, I asked advice from a youthful frequent traveler.

But early planning can create a lot of space for changes.

For instance, I had three flights cancel. That caused many sleepless nights. Rescheduling became a weekly occurrence. However, the canceled flights and schedule changes became blessings. I acquiesced to long layovers since waiting in TSA lines are the norm these days. I surrendered to COVID-19 vaccinations although travel restrictions have lifted, but now it’s another virus. I swear my masks take up half my suitcase. Well, not entirely.

My cheap flights that I purchased way in advance turned a bit more expensive as flights canceled or changed as time came closer to my departure. BUT the airlines nicely refunded my money for the canceled flights.

As time flew by—a crawl to a sprint, I became a bit calmer. Until last week when I couldn’t get a bus ticket from one point to the other. Why don’t I take a train you ask? I don’t know. I like buses. This still wasn’t resolved until the youthful frequent traveler called me two days ago. What a coincidence. You’ll hear more about her when I see her.

I packed clothes to fit the weather for three different climate zones (yes Marcia, I am traveling light) and added those destinations to my weather app. Speaking of apps, I have a dozen new apps (that’s 12) on my phone just for this journey in addition to the 20 that are already there. One of them is for blogging via mobile and email. I have already been with support for several days. This is a new learning curve for me. If you recall, I was going to try podcasting. But not today!

I invite you to join me on this 24-day trip via my blog. Comment below at will.


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  1. Just spent an entire day filling out boarding documents for our cruise to Alaska from our home port of Seattle. Taking my two grandsons and the paperwork is overwhelming. Passports, Covid records , PCR TESTs three days before, guardianship papers . Separate one for Canada. What do non techie people do. Probably a travel agent . Oh I forgot separate photos for each of us: color – no hats no glasses, no glare no clothes ( kidding) . Have a great trip Jackie


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