Hand painted silk scarves

“Obake Anthuriums” on stretcher bars

2021 – Scarves are nearly sold out. I have maybe seven left in various sizes. Line of scarves in new sizes and designs planned for the future.

June 2019 – 

Scarves, écharpes, sukāfu, bufandas….

Each 100% China silk scarf is individually hand-painted in my home studio that leads to our make-shift storage room next to our garage. This hand-painted-scarf-thing wasn’t planned until several months ago when I decided to apply to the juried in the Candy Dance Arts/Crafts Faire in Genoa, Nevada to be held on September 28-29, 2019. It is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the expected audience is 30,000-50,000 attendees.

I learned the art of silk painting from Greg Dipiazza at the Hūi No`eau in Hāliimaile, Maui, Hawai`i many moons ago. A few years later, I opened a shop named “Island Living” in the old Kahului Shopping Center. 150 yards of my hand-painted canvas upholstery graced the entire lobby of the Kapalua Bay Hotel. Pua Pillows and wall hangings enhanced many residences and commercial spaces throughout the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. See Artists of Maui. SUMAC Publishing. 1985. pp 44-45.

Today, my scarves are designed so that when they are folded, tied, wrapped, rolled or draped they will not lose the beauty and flow of nature while they compliment you. 


I  paint with French Dupont dyes and resists (the best in the industry) on 100% Chinese Silks—habotai, satin silk, silk charmeuse, or crepe de chine. The entire process takes 6-10 hours per scarf.

Georgia O’keeffe at 90 years old keeps an eye on me.


After painting, the scarves are placed in a steam bath for three hours, then hand washed in gentle detergent to permanently set the dyes to prevent running or fading.

Yes, I use a real steamer…until David builds my custom fabric steamer.

I reuse my designs, but no two are alike in their color schemes. Each has its unique artistic qualities. Imagine a watercolor with its own mind!


At the moment, these scarves are photographed at home with our Iphones, and family members are recruited to model. The photos are taken in natural sunlight and not enhanced. 

My daughter, Pua and I are wearing scarves at the Carson City Farmers Market.

Because each scarf has its own unique charm, only those in inventory will show up on my Jpiascarlin FB page or Instagram.

Please bear with me as I proceed into this new venture.

New designs will be posted weekly on Facebook and Instagram. If you see one you like, email or message me as soon as you can so I can save it for you.

For online purchases, make your payment via paypal.com account “Jackie Pias Carlin” or “jpiascarlin@gmail.com” with the scarf’s description. It’s also a good idea to send me an email or FB message stating that you have bought it. A paypal invoice will be sent out to you, and your scarf will be shipped within 48 hours. If in the event you attempt to purchase a previously sold scarf, you will be notified immediately, and your paypal payment will be reversed. 

Our goal is to make buying simpler, but in the meantime, this is the best we know how.

Sale prices continue until they are sold out:

22” x 25” square scarf – $70.00 sold out

15” x 60” rectangle long scarf – $90.00 $45.00

35” x 35” square scarf – $135.00 $60.00

Shipping/Handling is $7.50 USPS Priority 3-day within the U.S.A. and its territories. International shipping rates are based on location. 

Silk is a protein, like hair. Wash in cold water with gentle detergent, such as your shampoo. Rinse thoroughly then iron with the setting on silk. Scarves with gold resist should be ironed from the back or with a thin towel over it. With care, your scarf could last a lifetime.

“Waterlilies” painted in 1994. NFS.

I accept returns within seven days of delivered parcel. Please send an email to jpiascarlin@gmail.com with “return” as the subject and a brief valid reason. Your payment will be refunded via paypal.com as soon as the returned scarf is received at our address.

Post your questions or comments below for a reply.

Stove-top steamer arrived to replace the bamboo steamer.

Four variations of “Calypso” formerly “Croton.” 22″ or 25″ neckerchief or bandana 100% China silk habotai or silk chiffon.

By mauiwriter


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