Breathing Space

Wala’au Manawa We left Upcountry Maui and checked-in to a Waikiki hotel where David attended a board meeting and I views the Kapaemahu Exhibition at the Bishop Museum. Included in the exhibition is a video history of “The Glades”, the nightclub in the 60s and it’s performers who were talked about and poked fun at…… Continue reading Breathing Space

Finding Li Hing Mui

Wala’au Manawa- Maybe it was my high mucka muck dunno nuttin’ question or something, but the stock person didn’t look up from her unpacking when I asked, “Do you have Li Hing Mui powder?” She pointed to the thing hanging at my eye level. “Oh thank you,” I said, feeling dumb. I figured I’d not…… Continue reading Finding Li Hing Mui

First flight

Woke up at 3.00 a.m. to catch our UA Polaris 777. The TSA line wasn’t bad that time in the morning at Reno International Airport, but when I passed the X-ray and expected David to be right behind me, I saw a guard leading him away instead. For about 20 minutes, many scenarios crossed my…… Continue reading First flight


Wala`au Manawa WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD TRAVEL RIGHT NOW?             Saturday, July 30, 2022-You might have read the recent article on travel tips by Kristie Koerel in the NYT July 8, 2022 issue. I haven’t followed all of them, but I have one tip of my own for…… Continue reading Blog