BEGINNING A new manuscript takes a while. There are many false starts. They’re not actually false starts, they’re just adjustments.

Since my first book, Spirit Of The Village A Maui Memoir, took 10 years to complete, I’ve made a point to complete  books in less time. Aunty’s Place, a novel, took five years but not without struggling with the title. When the right title arrived, the rewriting and editing moved quickly. 

My watercolors for the past 17 years were created on our dining room table. Essential elements are good lighting from natural sunlight through large windows, table at the perfect height, running water and drainage in reach. 

Now that I’ve added sourdough bread baking to my regimen, the dining room table cannot support watercolors and dough at the same time. Well, maybe if the table was a bit longer–perhaps.

Since we’ve downsized to the hills overlooking Carson City, Nevada, I am waiting for the contents in the “Blue Room” to relocate into the new barn, then perhaps a small art studio for me. 

I am used to larger spaces. My garage in Wailuku, Maui served as my workspace for 12 years. Years later, when I packed for Las Vegas to assist with my daughter’s first born,  my art table was about a  2″ x 3″ desk. There I realized that all the space I needed was enough to hold a piece of paper. Many of my best works came from there. 

The same holds true for writing. I use a pen and notebook to start my first draft. In order to travel lighter, I bought a laptop so I could work anywhere. Last trip, I left the laptop home and packed a pen and notebook. It’s liberating.