Finding Li Hing Mui

Wala’au Manawa-

Maybe it was my high mucka muck dunno nuttin’ question or something, but the stock person didn’t look up from her unpacking when I asked, “Do you have Li Hing Mui powder?” She pointed to the thing hanging at my eye level. “Oh thank you,” I said, feeling dumb. I figured I’d not ask any more questions but instead inspect the packs for the right one. “What you going use ‘em fo’?” Curious as she saw me fingering the packets. I turned on my Pidgin English right away. “My frien’ goin’ put ‘em on fruit.” “Oh, wat kine fruit?”
“Pineapple, I tink.”
I’m still choosing a pack. She points to another brand and volunteers, “Some people buy dis one, but da one you have is the best sellah. Taste mo’ betta, too, in my opinion.” “Oh good.” I added.
“Da color more nice on the pineapple, too. Dat one no look so good.” “Oh yeh!” I imagine the scarlet powder sprinkled over golden pineapple. I’m still considering which packet, but now I’m deciding on how many. “We have bigger bags but not in stock.”
“Ok, no worries. I goin put dem in my suitcase, anyway.” Then I add, “Dis going Europe, you know.” “Europe? Wow!” She was pretty amazed.
I’m now deciding on 2-4 packs. David steps up behind me and asks, “Are you done?” “Yes. I am. But I can’t decide on how many.”
The stock woman stands up and says, “Don’t eat the fruit right after you sprinkle the Li Hing Mui powder. Goin’ taste powdery. Wait until da powder go into da juice. Den goin be ono.” This woman should be in promotions not stocking stuff.
“Mahalo,” I said and walked away with four packets.
“Wowww…Eurooopppe!” I heard her sigh.
Shopping done.

By mauiwriter


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