First flight

Woke up at 3.00 a.m. to catch our UA Polaris 777. The TSA line wasn’t bad that time in the morning at Reno International Airport, but when I passed the X-ray and expected David to be right behind me, I saw a guard leading him away instead.

For about 20 minutes, many scenarios crossed my mind. Was he carrying his pocket knife? Was he on the Most Wanted List? Were we gonna miss our flight? I asked a security guard for information. She didn’t know a thing. She said, “Wait a while. He might show up.” Nice way to start a vacation.

He eventually came into view; calm and collected. “What happened?”, I asked.

“My birthdate information was wrong,” he replied. “But I fixed the birth year,” I said. “Yeh? The birth day was incorrect, too.” He grinned.
“Oh!” After 22 years of cohabitation, I should know his birthday, right? He let it slide.

I believe the partition between us on our flight was a good thing.

Our breakfast menu consisted of an egg-white kale and tomato quiche, apple sausages, croissant, condiments, really fresh fruit, and coffee. Our seats fully reclined, and I watched “The Batman” for 1/2 hour then switched to “And Just Like That”. I made myself at home for the next 4 1/2 hours.

On O’ahu, our HAL flight was delayed and the gate information on the app, monitor, and announcements were inconsistent. Confusion set in, but in times like this strangers are kind to each other.

By mauiwriter


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