Two Faces of an Island

Waiehu Heights overlooking Mauna Kahalawai (House of Water), also known as Hale Mahina (House of the Moon), or West Maui Mountains
Sunny Makena, south side of Maui, Hawai`i

Went home to visit friends and feel the power of the land. Not only did the gentle coastal breeze of the North embrace me, but the smooth silky waters of the South soothed my feet. As the saying goes, “You can leave the island, but the island doesn’t leave you.”


  1. Hi, Jackie – this is Sandy Shiner of Maui, and I once promised to show you the beautiful painting of the West Maui’s I got from you at the swap meet 35 years ago with the understanding that I’d paint over it – but I never did! I love that painting and would like to email you a copy, if you’ll send me your email address (or phone number to text it). I hope all is well with you.


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