Original plein air watercolor created at Maui Academy of Performing Arts Garden Party 2014
Shower Tree Blossoms Bookmarker-Watercolor

“IDEAS FLOAT FREELY. Grasp one and have it work for you.”-Wise Sage

Just so you know that I’m here in 2018….

The insert of Shower Tree Blossoms was painted at the MAPA (Maui Academy of Performing Arts) Garden Party a number of years ago on Maui, Hawai`i. The original painting sold, but I forgot to ask who purchased it. 

Since moving to Northern Nevada, I’ve concentrated on painting the sunlight when it illuminates the hills of the BLM (Bureau Land Management) areas that surround our neighborhood. The rolling hills here are unlike the sharp-edged mountains of Maui, so you can imagine the changes I’ve had to make in my style. Therefore, I focus on the climatic moods of cloud formations above. Also experimenting in biomorphic images on land. 

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